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— The Girlfriend’s Journal

I have grown up with my nose stuck in books and watching Disney movies.
My idea of romance is pretty old school.

So, when love found me and I found love, I found myself torn between my real self and my romance infused brain.

Love is a paradox.
No, let me correct this.
Relationships are a paradox.

There is nothing more frustrating and satisfying than being a girlfriend.
Let me break it down for you.
Welcome to The Girlfriend Journal.


Monopoly, Mess and Musings..

For very real reasons, let’s just call my narcissist man, the Boyfriend.

I love him to bits. Whenever he smiles, there is this tiny little dimple on his cheek that makes him aww-dorable. (Yep!)

You know you are adulting when you know exactly what you want to do on the weekends. That is correct! You just want to stay home and chill in PJs. That is exactly the flavor of the season in the house right now. Now-a-days, instead of going to fancy brunches and casual #datenight, we chill at home playing board games.

The game we are crushing on currently is  Monopoly!
Yeah, we host Monopoly Saturday Nights and it is a fun night!
The Boyfriend is super chilled out, except that he hates to lose. What is worse is that I hate to lose out to him! Which makes him practically giddy with excitement because it gives him something to 1up. *You poor baby. Really? If I loose out in Monopoly?

While the gang of friends is busy trading up on the properties, I am silently plotting against him. “I am gonna get you boy. I am gonna get you real..good!” *Insert evil emoji


Don’t you love waking up next to your favorite person? You open your eyes and see the man of your dreams blissfully sleeping, you just cannot help but gaze at his peaceful face for a while.
I am just like any other woman, I wake up to my favorite person by my side who is an absolute delight to be with..till he actually wakes up. My day starts with scrambling out of the bed when I absolutely have to get out to answer the mandatory doorbell to keep the trash out. Yep! That is how I start my day mostly.

After going through an exhausting day at work, we come back home, have dinner and just laze around for whatever time is left on the clock. This is happening painfully slowly the entire time but at the end of the day it all seems like a blur.
It’s a new day and I find myself answering the doorbell again the next morning. How romantic is this?

Meanwhile, the Boyfriend is glued to his phone, totally oblivious to the mess around him.
Yeah! He always switches on the wrong lighting in the rooms, EVERYDAY. How he manages that despite reminding him the correct switch every single day, is beyond my understanding. The duvet tag is supposed to be in the bottom left corner of the bed!  God! He has learnt nothing!! I clear up the mess in the kitchen, do the laundry while muttering under my breath that I am dating an imbecile basically. He has known me from before the love bug got to us, so I can safely declare that he literally signed up for this. I march into the room only to find him giggling like a little schoolgirl, (still glued to his phone BTW). I stand at the door and just wonder. How? How did I even end up with him?

He looks up at me and smiles, his brightest smiles ever and points towards the bed.
I see the duvet has been properly folded, the bed has been made and no clothes strewn around. I smile back. The Boyfriend gives me a, Haa-You-lost smile and he wins me over instantly. He comes over and hugs me and I melt. Just. Like. That. Defeated and Won over!

God I hate this. Being a girlfriend is tough. You never know when you want to shower him with kisses and when you want to strangle him!


Like Meghan Trainor says,

“I woke up in tears, with you by my side..
A breath of relief, and I realized..
No, we’re not promised tomorrow..

So I’m gonna love you..
Like I’m gonna lose you..
I’m gonna hold you..
Like I’m saying goodbye..”




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