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— Bae and Bae-ryani

Second page out of my journal.
This is a good sign. Even after putting him up for the world to see him in all reality, he just told me that he loves me. Is he not a catch ladies?? *fawning over him.

You can read the first part here. (If you have not done so already)

The Girlfriend’s Journal – Part 1

Bae and Bae-ryani

If there is anything else in the world that my man loves other than’s Biryani.

More fondly as I call it, Bae-ryani. ‘Cuz. Biryani is Bae.
Thanks to the Boyfriend, I have developed an appetite for poultry. I mean, have I put on a few extra kilos because of it..? Umm yeah. In our defense, Biryani is heaven. and also, Things work out.. We don’t.

So, hypothetically if he had to choose between Biryani and Bae, I would never want to know the answer. Yes! I am not even kidding! Although, if he does choose Biryani.. Good luck having tête-à-tête with it. #IYKWIM

The best part about dating another foodie is that you both love food.
We are very touchy about our food. Couples who eat together..stay together.
But, here is the catch. I cook the food. He eats the food. (Still counts as foodies though).

I cannot even begin to count the number of fights we have had for whose turn it is to cook food. My man is good with all sorts of logic. Not so surprisingly, he manages to get out of every chore with the aid of just one excuse. Yes ladies and gentlemen. Just. One. Excuse. “Babe you’re gonna redo what I do anyway. Is it not better if you do it yourself?”
Yes, one might argue that there is a certain amount of truth in the statement. I agree only partially with this. I would not have to redo it if you do it correctly in the first place! Isn’t it simple sweetie? So if at all the Boyfriend takes pity on me and does decide to cook, he bans me from the kitchen because he cannot stand my constant “interference”.

Hey!! A little guidance never hurt anyone! Did it?
The real reason is I am too scared that he will mess up the kitchen and it will be a nightmare to clean it up. Who would not want to relax and chill with a glass of wine and a book while your significant other is slogging away in the kitchen? That’s the dream ladies. (Unfulfilled in my case!)

This one time, the Boyfriend volunteers to be my sous-chef for the evening as I have to bake a birthday cake for a friend. Ohh, my wonderful sous chef was at his level best at his job. He had one job. One job. Maybe just pass the spatula or maybe grease the tray or pre-heat the oven. That is about the extent of trust I have on his culinary skills (he makes yum Goan chicken curry though!).
So he starts making Instagram stories. This is the One job he is actually good at but SURPRISE.. he leaves it mid-way. Because tooth-ache happened.
So I take pity on him and google all sorts of home remedies for tooth-ache. Where would we find a dentist at 2 am? We settle on the tried and tested clove remedy.

And just like that. I loose my sous-chef to toothache.
Why am I so sous-standing? I sometimes wonder.

After a while, the cake is done and I see him excited for a piece of cake. I oblige and the expression on his face after digging into it is pure joy!
After savoring it for full five minutes he opens his mouth to say something while I sit with bated breath to listen to him praising me. Aww!

“Why is this so chewy? Is this right?”
I fume and snatch away the cake from him!

“It’s a choco-fudge brownie!”

It takes him zero seconds to blurt out utter crap at times.

Feeling me ladies?
It doesn’t take him that much time to compliment the chicas we check out together.

*fake gasps.

All said and done. He does have a few redeeming qualities though.
For starters, he is not too fussy about food..

Secondly,.. well.. this is awkward. That is it I guess. That is the only redeeming quality the Boyfriend has.


Like Anderson East says,

What words can I say?
Tell me, what can I do?
Know that I am..
And I’ll give it to you
I could make you smile..
Give you all your dreams..
And I’d give everything..
To make you love me..




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