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— The Voyage

The first 4 parts are in the below links.
Read on to figure out why my Boyfriend is all over these journals. He thinks his life is not worth the journals I write. Well, Boo did not realize, his life has become so much more better ever since I decided to make his life awesome.

He did fall for me. No I am not kidding. He literally fell. For me. On the floor. Because he wanted to prove that he fell for me.
I am sure we are a bunch of adorable weirdos.

The Girlfriend’s Journal

Bae and Bae-ryani

Lyrical Screwup

The Classic Hiccup

The Voyage

The Boyfriend is leaving. No, he is not leaving me. He is leaving for London in the next two days. #CorporateLife

We do not have much time to do anything but shop our ass off and pack his ass off.
Trust me. He might be adorable but he comes with his fair share of flaws. He might be rolling his eyes at me right now. He is damn good at overestimating himself.
You might be well aware of a popular and catchy number from a Bollywood movie whose name I have literally forgotten.
Shiela ki Jawaani” is the song. He is my Shiela. Not just because he is hot but also because by some odd coincidence, the lyrics “Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya, main toh khud se pyaar jatau..” suit him. Actually, they ARE him! He cannot pass a mirror by without admiring himself. I roll my eyes for about an average of 60 times in a a day.

Sorry Babe. It had to be said some day. I know you will forgive me for this someday soon. *Evil emoji.

So, I focus on my favorite part about travels, PACKING! I love organizing and packing. Yes I am one of those.. He owns more clothes than I do. It is very unsettling. Now I know what I will do once he is gone. I will fill his void in my life with retail therapy. God help Me..


The real voyage is not the one he is all set to embark upon. It is the one we have been through for almost an year now.

We have a deal.

We would try to journal our lives apart, near or far, wherever we are and exchange our respective diaries in 2020. (He stole mine and declared that it was his. I might as well see it someday. That is my ploy). The idea seems very appealing. The upside of having a vintage, dorky girlfriend is that you save memories in the most raw and tangible form possible.

My vintage self wrote a letter to the Boyfriend.
Here goes,

“Dear Boyfriend,

From wanting you, all to myself..
To wanting to know all of you, we have come a long way.
I promised you something..
One night, you rolled over in your sleep and nuzzled closer on my chest.
Your breathing settled and synced rhythmically with my heart beat.
I did not move a single muscle, too afraid to wake you up from your sleep.
My fingers slowly grazed your nose when you mumbled..I love you.
I promised you then.
I will always be with you, even if it is only in your heart and thoughts.
I will be your home.
Today when you are away, chasing your dreams and living them, I smile.
Half of a happy smile.
Half of a sad smile..”

The vintage girlfriend gives herself a pat on the back. I think I have really outdone myself this time. I know I am a catch too.


We are not perfect either.
We have our issues with each other.
You know my issues with him if you have been reading this.

He has issues with me too.
“Why do you shower so late at night. You are gonna catch a cold”
“You have a really small nose. How do you breathe?”
“Why do you make so many faces?”

Its been almost one year together. We are still figuring us out.

I have dragged him to a store just to get my very tangerine dress back from the alterations. It was rush hour. He came very reluctantly.

It is a rare occurrence when he is right and I am wrong. He might be the Boss but I am the Real Boss. He has a very annoying need to be right all the time. #epicfail

The boyfriend has a litmus test. After each fight, (mostly after I am done being mad at him), he asks me to tell a joke. I am a passive aggressive person. I cannot tell a joke when I am still nursing residual anger. My standard reply, “I don’t do jokes. I do you. You are the the funniest thing I do.” Yep. I say this with a straight face.

We play 5 questions. When we cannot just get straight to the point.
We decide on whose turn it is to turn off the light or get food or random life decisions  with Rock Paper Scissors.

We have come a very long way with each other.
I wish he remembers that forever and always. Journal or No Journal.


I hug him a final goodbye and send him off. A teary eyed send off. I turn and go back to an empty apartment..




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