Musings of the Modern Belle - This Free Soul
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Musings of the Modern Belle


In this urban uproar, I would like to re introduce myself.

My name is.. baah. It wouldn’t matter to you anyway.

What you don’t know about me, is something I will tell you today.
I am the woman you see in the metro travelling to work everyday. I am the same woman who lazes around in PJs on weekends. I wake up at 7 just to go for a jog sometimes .
Sometimes I cannot sleep  and wake up with a cluttered head. The funny thing is, I have to plan my health schedule according to the sleep pattern of the perverts I come across. Sometimes my face isn’t as interesting as the rest of my body for them.
I am the same woman who isn’t afraid to have drinks with her male friends in the bar across the street.
I am the woman who doesn’t shy away in raising my voice when the situation calls for it.
Also, I suffer in silence when a loved one hurts me.

I am the same woman who looks at the price tag, contemplates which grocery item or lunch/dinner should be skipped out completely from the list so that I can buy the goddamn dress.
I am the woman you see shopping in all the fancy places. I pick up that “Ohh-so-gorgeous” bag from Zara. Think. Overthink. Put it back where I saw it.
I go to get my other stuff billed but again rush to pick the same bag I put down earlier.
I am the same woman who doesn’t bother changing her joggers while grocery shopping.
I buy shoes which I know will leave my feet sore. I complain about them the very next moment.
My vanity is my choice. It does not depend on what you want me to be. It depends on who AND how I want to be that very moment.

I accidentally snort when I laugh too much sometimes. I also giggle when I am not supposed to.
I cry when I laugh. I look into the mirror and laugh at myself when I cry.
I enjoy my solace very much. I love having people around as well.
I love to cook. I also love eating a whole pizza by myself on lonely nights.
I complain about my weight but I also eat a full ice cream tub! (Like a Boss!)
I  crave for companionship. Intelligent companionship.
I am the woman who says marriage is secondary, career is primary.
I refuse to let my man carry my shopping bags.
Yes, I spoil you with everything you want.
Yes I buy my man a drink at the bar.
I also suffocate you with love, attention and gifts.

I love my hot showers after a long day.
I also bitch about my shitty day at work.
Sometimes I will need you, sometimes I won’t.
But, My love, I will be the same.

Let me be the woman I want to be.
Don’t cloak my love and shadow it with your prejudice, judgement and YOUR idea of a perfect woman.
No. I REFUSE to be labelled as Tomboy, Blonde, Sexy, Voluptuous, Skinny, Girly, Brunette, Bimbo, Gold Digger, Masculine, Feminine, Slutty, Uptight, Miss Goody Two Shoes or by any other name that your mind can conjure.
I am ME. I am the soul of womanhood. I refuse to be typecast as a Feminist or a Feminazi.
I respect my men. The men who have earned my respect.
No. We are not equal.
No. We are not superior.
We are all different and I co-exist with you.

You all know me. You have probably judged me.
Each one of you reading this has already imagined at least one woman who fits the bill. I am the woman you saw dancing in the rain. I am the sunshine.
I am a Beautiful Chaos.

With Love,
The Modern Belle

  • Varun Rudra
    Posted at 19:53h, 15 March Reply

    As Beautiful as you :*

  • Raaaaavi
    Posted at 20:05h, 15 March Reply

    I Love you so much😍😘

    Love you….. Love you…..
    Love you.

  • Sushma
    Posted at 20:15h, 15 March Reply

    Simply super 😘😘

  • Pragya
    Posted at 02:49h, 16 March Reply

    “Co-existence” is what everyone should understand.. Kudos:)

  • Dheera
    Posted at 07:29h, 16 March Reply

    Beautiful….and couldn’t be more true! 🙂

  • sarah
    Posted at 08:52h, 16 March Reply

    nicely put we all probably see a little bit of our selves in there

  • Raaj
    Posted at 12:27h, 17 March Reply

    Hear choking…indeed.

    yaa you are right…heartbreaking means… no one can express either in TEXT or LETTERS… it has to be felt by that individual… what exactly goes on…wen one needed the other. Well worded to touch the emotional side of the brain even…. Keep expressing your honest and natural feelings… heartfelt Appreciation miss….

  • Kunal
    Posted at 08:03h, 22 March Reply

    Yes you are “YOU”
    One of a kind and definitely unparalleled.
    Loved the simple yet strong approach.
    Very striking,not so mainstream and simply fabulous modern day belle.
    I love her <3 like I love you!

  • Arpit
    Posted at 19:54h, 21 July Reply

    You’re a paradox !!

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