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The Sibling Strings

“You were found near a trash can! Maa-Papa picked you up from there!”

“That is my side of the bed. Why the fuck is your dirty laundry on my frigging bed? You moron!”

“I am so gonna tell this to Maa! You just wait and watch!”

“You better stay the hell out of my room!”

“Btaau mummy ko ki raat ko ghar late aayi thi?” (Should I tell mom that you came home way too late??!) “menacing grin”

This is what every Indian household witnesses. The bond between siblings is such.

Un-describable because #TooManyEmotions
Un-predictable because they scream at each other, make life miserable for each other while growing up and love each other to the moon and back. It is a wolf pack(even if it is 2 of them). They fight, crib, kick, bite, scream, complain and blackmail. But hell to anybody else who dare do any such thing with their sibling. Because..Just..Okay! He/She is MINE!!

In India, we celebrate this auspicious festival, Raksha Bandhan. The sister ties a holy thread on her brothers’ wrist and the brother promises to protect her from all evil. The aftermath.. Here it is..

Sister: “Where is my gift?”

Brother: handing her some cash/chocolates “Here you go! Enjoy!”

S: That’s it? I tie you rakhi and this what you give me? Tu hi rakh.. mujhe nai chahiye tera stupid gift!

B: “Aur kya chahiye tumhe? Abhi pichle mahine hi to itni shopping kar ke aayi thi. Sab to hai tere pas!”

S: “That is what I got for myself! What did you get for me?”

B: Kya chahiye tujhe? Bta.! I will get it for you!

S: “Rehne de.! Ab mere bolne ke baad kya laa k dega. I don’t need it!”

B: “Jab chahiye nai tha to itni der se drama kyu kar rahi thi. Faltu ladna hota hai na tujhe all the time!”

In the meantime, our parents have already left to do what they always do at this time. LETTING US FIGHT OUR OWN BATTLES.

And the day goes on. The brother will coax and get her what she wants or surprises her. The gift might cost him a fortune but her smile is priceless.

I too have a brother. He is 4 years 5 months and 26 days younger to me.

P.S. I will be badgered once he reads this line. In his mind he is the elder one. (Whatever that is supposed to mean!)

We have always been the naughty ones in our family. We always get caught when we are up to no good. (Because, well, we are both terrible liars.) He is somebody I love immensely but as a little 4-year-old girl I felt like he had taken up all of my space in the family. Everybody loved him more because he was way cuter than I ever could be. Like all the siblings, I, being the elder one, always bullied my little one. We once had a fight and I slapped him so hard that one of his teeth fell out. At the same time, I have always been too protective of him. I distinctly remember, while crossing the road I would always hold his hand. On our way to school I would drop him off at his class. I would watch from the door to make sure he has put his bag on his chair and settled down, only then would I cheerfully hop and skip to my class. I used to help him with his English homework. This is how elder sisters are. A brother is the first baby they take care of, learn to hold them carefully because they are delicate fragile babies, share toys and grow up with them, sit up with them when it is exam time just so that they don’t doze away and make coffee. This is how everybody sees things. I was no different. I always used to think that I am the one taking care of him.

After all these years, I have now realized how times are changing. My brother, who stands at 5 ft 10, towers over me protectively, holds my hand when we cross a street, consoles me when I sob about my broken heart, gives me life advises and tells me that everything will fall in place. He makes sure that I am home safe and well fed (I get cranky otherwise.) We still fight over the most stupid things possible. Those are not fights anymore. That is the love we share.

That is how siblings are. Sisters are the ones who beg, borrow and steal your clothes. Brothers do the same with their sisters’ friends.

I do not know how difficult everything would be had it not been for my brother. I am sure everybody would feel the same today, blessed to have somebody constant to share everything, right from clothes to secrets, midnight phone calls and if you are lucky enough they are just across the same room. They are very annoying and irritating, sarcasm is their language and your smile is their world.

To all the sisters, you make home, a beautiful place.

To all brothers, you make her world beautiful.

Happy Raksha Bandhan Guys!

Much Love,


  • Kunal
    Posted at 06:16h, 30 August Reply

    So I finally see this !!!#speechless

  • Raaj
    Posted at 11:08h, 02 November Reply

    Hi Abhinaya… its awesome…like happening in front of my eyes…the situation and the most true feelings… U have done a great job.

    God bless your Bro- Sis love for ever. Its true, the brother takes the place of your father…and the sister takes the place of his mother. But, daughters are the little angels in the Universe to spread love in all forms… Great Abhinaya….keep sharing more, particularly… the most unedited version of the relationships…

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